Wally is one of Papa Louie's original customers. He first appeared in the game Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! and then in every successing title of the Papa Louie series as a customer.

As his favorite food is anchovies, his orders in the games that are based on non-sweet food (like Papa's Pizzeria) usually consist of them. He also seems to like onions and mayonnaise too, as he orders a hamburger with these in Papa's Burgeria.


Wally is an old man and he wears glasses that have a brown frame and a red shirt with a brown cloth on it. He also wears blue pants and a black belt. He might be considered to be bald, as he has no hair on the top of his head but grey hair only on the left and the right sides. As a result, his eyebrows too are grey. Despite Wally is old enough to have facial hair, he doesn't have a mustache or a beard at all.

Flipdeck Card DescriptionEdit

"'Wally is one of Papa Louie's original customers. He quietly lives in an apartment above Papa's Pizzeria. Wally's all time favorite topping is anchovies. If he could, Wally would order a double anchovy burger in Papa's Burgeria. For now, he will have to stick with pizzas to get his fishy fix."



The front and back sides of Wally's Flipdeck card.


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